Main Offices Telephone: 971 71 08 03
Main Offices Fax: 971 72 79 43
Operations Department (24h): 649 85 52 72
Investigations Section (M - T: 8:00 a 18:00. F: 08:00 a 14:00): 609 76 43 71
Investigations Section (24h): 649 855 272
Security and Services Section (24h): 649 85 52 72
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    Investigations and Security


    Grupo Cabanach® is a group of companies whose main activity is personal and business security services. Since starting out in 1968 as Cabanach Detectives® its various departments have taken shape, becoming a group of different companies specialising in investigations and security. Nowadays, Grupo Cabanach® stands out for the quality of its services. This quality is achieved with its combination of specialists from different fields who work towards a single objective: satisfying the client. Its history and testimonials make Grupo Cabanach® one of the most highly rated bodies in the province.


    Serious and Reliable


    In matters of security it is vital to have reliable and competent personnel at all times; this is only possible by entrusting services to personnel who are serious and qualified. Once something unfortunate and irreversible has happened it is too late for preventative measures; it is better to avoid this by trusting in professionals who can guarantee peace of mind and confidence.


    Reputation and Recognition


    Our history has been shaped through the generations for more than 40 years. This experience is our best introduction. Our many public and institutional recognitions are synonymous with excellence and prestige for our clients. Furthermore, our services have been officially endorsed as the group has been granted the ISO 9001 quality certification.




    We use the most advanced technology on the market, latest generation tools which our finest professionals make the best use of to guarantee the success of our services. We adapt our technology to our clients’ needs, to ensure the best results.


    Commitment and Result


    It is important to us that our team receive continuous training in their specialist areas to keep up to date with all the innovations and new methods that appear on the market. This enables us to be one of the sector’s leading companies and to commit ourselves to offering our clients the best results.